Alhaj Zikarya Kamdar

To serve the humanity at large with wormth of affection and sinceity of intention is the cause of God's pleasure. Okhai Memon Community is serving the humanity at large in proper good and systematized manner.

Syed Ahad Yousuf

To make a common cause exactly on time withhelping brothers, young men, poor, widows and ailing ones in destress or pain who are leading drab existence and to make them look very much alive is regarded as virtuous deed by Allah. Okhai Memon Community is rightly complying wiht this virtuous deed.

Abdul Sattar Afghani

Educational and social services of Okhai Memon Community are commendable to a high degree.

Abdullah Hussain Haroon

I am sure the contribution of the community towards the city of Karachi and the province of Sindh will be furthered.

Speaker, Provisional Assembly of Sindh 1983

Dr. Manzoor Ahmed

I congratulate young men of your community on commendable services they have rendered. In such I am highly impressed by your sincerity, love and affection I pray for your ever-greater success in the days to come and wish to see you on the dizzy heights of success. May you come off with flying colors and reap laurels in your community.

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