Abdul Sattar Edhi

It is a matter of great pleasure that Okhai Memon Community is redering best services. I am of this opine that many problems can be solved only with collective efforts.

Hakim Muhammad Saeed

Young men of Okhai Memon Community are endeavoring to understand the affairs of Pakistan with great porfundity. It is interesting that range of their service is not limited. They don't feel themselves exhaustedand overwrought. They rightly wish to take the initiative in all direction in all fields of service.

Haji Hanif Tayyab

Young men of Okhai Memon Community are intoxicated with the strong desire of service and are torch-bearers for others.

Abdul Hafiz Memon

I can say with great certainty that services rendered by Okhai Memon Community are no less than worship and reward of their service adn merit is only in the hand of Allah.

Syed Goch Ali Shah

With a view to accomplish the objectives for which Pakistan came into existence we should work with a sense of honesty and dedication selflessly. I am optimistic that Okhai Memon Community will play its full role linked together inter sect.

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