To provide a healthy life style to our youth, different co-curricular activities are in process with Okhai Memon Jamat. Cricket Tournaments, Football tournaments are being held under the supervision of sports committee.

Sports Committee 2011-13


Mr. Muhammad Hanif Hassan Suriya

Vice Chairman

Mr. Muhamamd Rafiq Gaba


Mr. Riaz Ahmed Jafrani


Mr. Feroz Pasta

Mr. Muhammad Hussain Markatiya

Mr. Muhamamd Rafiq Barai

Mr. Abdul Wahid Gatta

Mr. Abdul Razzak Mamdani

Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Jakhura

Mr. Faheem Dawood Karar

Mr. Muhammad Shahid Gatta

Mr. Altaf Jamal Ganatra

Mr. Muhammad Farooq Aswani

Mr. Abdul Rasheed Dildar Ganatra

Mr. Muhammad Anwar Vayani

Mr. Muhammad Siddique Ganatra

Mr. Muhammad Shahid A. Karim Ganatra

Mr. Abdul Razzak Jumma Jafrani

Mr. Muhammad Anwer Markatiya

Mr. Abdul Ghani Ilyas Jiwani

Mr. M. Jameel Abdul Aziz Ghaziani

Mr. Zubair Adam Ghaziani

Mr. Abdul Wahid Pasta

Mr. Muhammad Javed Haroon Punjwani