Professor Suleman Ganatra

      Properly speaking every developing country demands more and more educated persons in the field of Engineering.

      Not with standing having all facilities fewer young Memons evince interest in this field.

     At present number of engineers in our community is very low. Suleman Abdul Ghani Ganatra is interested in this field even before the creation of Pakistan. He was vice principal of NED Engineering College one of the first rate engineering institutions of Pakistan and retired in 1980. Like other colleges of this sort admission in NED College is considered a Herculean task. A Memon holding a high office in such college is the cause of pride for the community. In spite holding such high office professor Ganatra is very sincere and sociable. He was born on 15 th December 1920 in Karachi. He had got his primary education in Okhai Memon Primary School Kharadar, Karachi. He passed his matriculation examination from Academy high school opposite city court. After passing matriculation examination in 1939, he got admission in D.J Science College and passed Inter Science in 1941 and then got admission in NED. Engineering College. Afterwards he obtained B.E. Civil degree through Bombay University in 1945.

     In 1947 he left for London for higher education where he obtained town planning Diploma and certificate up to 1949. In 1948 he passed 15 days course in Latten University Holland, and one-week course from Saint Anderson Scotland. After getting higher education out of his our country he returned to Karachi in 1949 and joined NED College a lecturer. In 1952 he was appointed as professor of structural engineering in NED. Govt. Engineering College of Civil Engineering. In 1963, 1964 he went to Albert University Canada under Colombo plan for higher education in structural engineering. He is an Associate member of institute if Pakistan Town & Regional Planning and institute of engineer India as well. He is also member of Building Committee of Pakistan instant institute.

    Professor Suleman Ganatra has been evincing interest in the field of national services besides economic sector. He is member of Managing Committee of Okhai Memon Anjuman for last 10 years and member of Managing Committee of Okhai Memon Jamat for 5 years.

    He remained Chairman of Okhai Memon Co-Operative Society from 1952 to 1964 and is rendering best services as member of its managing board right now. He is founder member of Adamjee Science College besides he remained member of Rehabilitation Committee as well. He is rendering remarkable services by taking active part in the performance of Karachi Memon Co-Operative Housing Society and Pakistan Memon Educational and Welfare Society.

    Professor Suleman Ganatra is fond of globetrotting. Till now he was visited Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Lusoimberg, West Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada and America. He can speak English, Gujarati, Urdu, Sindhi and Arabic.

     He was married with Mariam Bai daughter of Mr. Yousuf Vayani of Karachi on 15 th May 1941. He has six sons and two daughters, three sisters and two brothers, Mr. Yaqoob and Mr. Yousuf.

   On the occasion of golden jubilee of Pakistan Memon Educational and welfare society President of Pakistan General Zia-ul-Haque honored him with gold medal. He holds the view that Memon Jamat of different villages should arrange marriage among themselves. By doing so village prejudices can be stamped out. He advises the young Memons to acquire technical education because technical education of prime importance in the present age. It is the education that determines the sort of man we become. He says, today students are proud of acquiring education. They have become arrogant and refuse to obey or show respect to their elders but in olden days students were mild and gentle and held their elders in high regard. The cause of this perversity is lack of religious education due to which students forget their duties and responsibilities regarding their nation and country.