Okhai Memon Masjid, Kharadar
"A historical Masjid located behind Tower Area, Karachi."

     It is famous about Memon Community that where ever they settle first thing they do is to build a Masjid. Before Independence of Pakistan Memon tribe settled in Karachi during the reign of Talpur (1818-25), more than 175 years ago. In 1850, when Muslim fishermen migrated from Kaharadar to Khadda, the small Masjid there become desolate which was later repopulated. In 1882, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah lived near Okhai Masjid and also got education from there at the age of Six.

     This Masjid was reconstructed in 1990. It was modernagized in 2001 with the help of members of the society and made it a famous historical Masjid where thousands of Muslims offers their prayers.

Okhai Memon Masjid Committee 2011-13


Mr. Abdul Karim Qasim Kandawala


Haji Muhammad Iqbal Haji Ismail


Haji Saleh Muhammad Gaba

Mr. Muhammad Anis Gaba

Mr. Muhammad Siddiq Punjwani

Haji Noor Muhammad Gaziani

Mr. Muhammad Moosa Muhamamd Hussain

Haji Muhammad Farooq

Haji Moosa Patel Ganatra

Haji Wali Muhammad Patel Ganatra

Mr. Zain-ul-Abideen Tayyab Punjwani

Mr. Abdul Sattar Muhammad Essani