Noor Muhammad Essa Vayani

      God has bestowed us with eyes to see tongue to speak ears to hear, brain to think; and our throbbing heart bears witness that we are alive. In short, body is incomplete without these organs. Similarly without social workers our society is incomplete and goes to humanity instead of sublimity. But god has created such great social workers in every epoch that we cannot write about them, as it should lie. Among those magnanimous and aspiring social workers are name is of the deceased Haji Noor Muhammad Essa Vayani. If we review his life we would all he justified to say that God had sent the decreased in this world only to serve the humanity at large.

     Decreased Noor Muhammad Essa Vayani was born in April 1923 at Kharadar, Karachi. He passed his matriculation examination from Sindh Madarsa-tul-Islam and B.A and LL.B from Sindh University. In the beginning professionally he remained attached with the field of teaching. Afterwards he established library for the development of education in the community.

     As everyone holds strong wish that his offspring come off with flying colors in any field he can be proud of. Similarly Okhai Memon Community is rightly proud that decreased was a son of this community who served Memon community together with other peoples living in suburbs and always did his almost to extricate them from plights in which they had fallen by solving their problems. His all services cannot be confined in writing because he passed his life entirely in public service and social service being always busy and showing care and effort in the discharge of his responsibilities.

     God had endowed him with commanding and persuasive power of speaking. He delivered a speech with copious flow potent arguments and well grounded style in Okhai Memon School Kharadar before the creation of Pakistan in the age of 22 years in the support of two-nation theory and demand for Pakistan, which captured the fancy of audience. When he put up the viewpoint of entire Muslim nation in a most attractive and well grounded style calm and tranquility spread over the mass meeting. Audience were struck dumb with amazement. Stanch supporter of Pakistan ideology our community could not with hold rising ovations and acclaimed with loud shouts of approval and praise.

    Initially decreased did his best for the progress and welfare of the young men on community level. He was mastermind of Okhai Memon students unions initial period and rendered in valuable services to community together with young men of young Okhai Memon Association. For popularizing the field of education his services are unforgettable. He not only endeavored for the education of his our children but also did his level best to adorn other children of the community with education. His role and services for Memon Youth Services study center are unforgettable. Students union had got its office with his efforts. May God bless his soul!

    Our and above he continued working wonder for financial help to poor students for their education and welfare by fund raising and developing contact and intimacy with all India Memon educational society.

    The decreased was also greatly interested in religious education and remained General Secretary of the principal Mosque of DARYABAD. Moreover he offered his services to various Madressa and organizations.

    Besides rendering best services as General Secretary Okhai Memon Jamat the deceased remained member of managing committee for a considerable time and rendered best services as chairman of various committees. His opinion was held in high regard in all affairs of Jamat in general and in solving complex problems in particular. The decreased craved for sea changes in the constitution of Jamat and in Samadhan committee in order to make it concordant with existing urges of the time but due to same in evitable seasons he could not accomplish his desire. Afterwards constitution committee fulfilled his desire by realized his proposals.

   It is as clear as broad daylight that he never used social offices to gain his personal ends. His thinking was filled with collective thinking. He always cared for all. It was his noble quality and high character that office bearers of Jamat took pride in consulting with him regarding important matters and the decreased always we have everyone with open arms smiling face kindness sincerity and kinship.

    The deceased did not only serve Okhai Memon Community but also rendered best services for other Memon communities and peoples. He also served as General Secretary of all Pakistan Memon Federation in a good deal better and earnest manner and that is a cause of pride for our community with diligence and untiring efforts of the deceased all peoples Lyari Association came into existence in 1974. He attempted day and night to solve the problems of the peoples of Lyari under this organization and helped in solving other many problems besides long standing problem of lease.

    The deceased was elected as counselor of Karachi Municipal committee the residents of old city area (Kharadar) Memon Society Kharadar, and DARYABAD etc. without any discrimination the deceased also rendered best services as a member of syndicate. Distinguished social leaders of old city area also got into touch with him oftentimes for the solution of KMC problems and constitutional complexities.

   God endowed the deceased with the performance of Hajj in the year 1983. In short every moment of his life passed in social service. His golden services can never be forgotten. He belonged to an educated family. He not only adorned him self with education but also his two sons are keeping this tradition up who is serving the humanity as large as doctors. Former president Okhai Memon Jamat Mr. Haji Muhammad Hussain Darbar says, I found him sincere, active and touching in the welfare of the community. He served ever with sincerity, strong and deep love and promptitude. He remained engrossed in his work from the core of heart for the betterment and education of young men of the community. Due to this reason he was well measured and most agreeable for the post of general secretary during my president ship. He acted as a guide to me on every, step in all affairs of welfare of the community.

   Former General Secretary Okhai Memon Jamat, Mr. Ismail Yaqoob Mamdani says that, the decreased possessed noble qualities. He was a man of high caliber. He always regarded him self as a servant of the nation and a general worker, and that is the proof of his greatness. He cannot be accused of selfishness or self-interest. Though he was for older than us in age between then treated us in friendly way. If can he said un equivocally about him that he was a noble soul. All young and old held him in high regard due to his high character and noble qualities Chairman Hajj Committee Okhai Memon Jamat Janab Haji Muhammad Ismail gives his impressions thus: - I can says without any demur that deceased passed his life entirely in public service and social works. He always received such persons with warm disposition who sought his advice for social work and acted as a guide. It is beyond all doubts that he was a noble soul cynosure and paragon of high character. Social worker of the farthest limit it stands to reason that he was great. Opinions of his colleagues are a proof that he was a versatile personality. He spent every moment of his life for the betterment and welfare of the community and left no stone unturned in attempting to solve their problems. Nations are formed with such devoted persons. To write something about their noble qualities is to put something in a nutshell.

   This great sincere compassionate and lovable personage breathed his last on Monday, 11 th March 1990 and his soul moved swiftly to its eternal abode. We can only pray for his departed soul.

   May God bless his soul!