Late Muhammad Usman Haji Hashim Kath

      Neither the arrived of man in this world of all this or has been nor departure from this mundane world is that which strike with amazement. Late Muhammad USMAN was born in Karachi on 1st June 1935. His family name is Kath but his father Haji Hashim Haji Ahmed Kath is a distinguished tobacco industrialist of the country therefore this family is more famous with the name of Tambakoowala or Mughal Tobacco wala. His father Haji Hashim has made a name and has earned reputation in the fields of trade and industry, social services and magnificence. His great grand father was a well-known traders of Okha.

     USMAN Haji Hashim got primary and secondary education from Madarsah-tul-Islam. During this period he took practical part in other learning literary and social activities besides education. He often took part in drama in his school. He passed matriculation examination in 1953 with flying colors. Afterwards he was enrolled in S.M. Arts College and in 1957 passed B.A exam in philosophy and psychology in first division. He was secretary of Philosophical society of the college and had represented his college in All Pakistan Philosophical Congress held in Peshawar University. Afterwards he could not continue his college education due to responsibilities of vast business of the family. Not with standing he passed advanced course of Business Administration and Marketing and obtained diploma.

     He went well in trade and industry with in few years and earned reputation and a high position as an eminent and honored industrialist. He was executive director of his familys Mughal Tobacco Company and chief executive of Mehran Sugar Mills. He remained directory of Golden Bengal Tobacco Company, Hashim investment finance and industry Golden Match works and Okhai Agricultural farm as well. Over and above he remained member of managing committee of West Pakistan Manufacturing Association Pakistan Marketing Association and Karachi chamber of commerce.

     Late Muhammad USMAN went to Ceylon together with a delegation on behalf of govt. of Pakistan and trading corporation of Pakistan and negotiated regarding export of Pakistani sugar. He also joined first official delegation for several countries regarding sale of Tobacco. This delegation visited Bulgaria and Hungary Late Muhammad USMAN visited in detail America Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East.

    Inspire of his extreme business preoccupations he spared ample time for social and cultural activities. He was director of Indus Art Gallery and had sublime paintings of famous artists. He was member of Goethe Institute American Culture Centre, Karachi Gymkhana, Hyderabad Gymkhana, Farhan Rotary Club, Line club, World Federation of Islamic Mission, etc.

    He always remained in pink health due to scouting, as was a good swimmer as well. He was interested in airman ship due to which he became a member of aero club. He was also fund of horse brothers riding. Muhammad USMAN was the eldest among four brothers. His brothers’ names are Mr. Qasim, Mr. Ibrahim and Mr. Hussain. He was sic a sister. He was married on 9th June 1957 with Anisa Bano daughter of Mr. Wali Muhammad Darbar. At the time of his death he was father of six daughters. He also performed Hajj in 1971. Like his business performance his social performance was also very vast and was attached with several organizations. He was Managing Trustee of Hashim Foundation founded by his family. He was also convener of Medical Committee of Okhai Memon Anjuman Committee, which run administration of Haji Ahmed Hospital established by his family in he remained attached with Okhai Madressa Association and Okhai Memon Jamat as well.

    He was patron of Memon Alim, Karachi Memon Students organization and social services Coordination Committee. He was member of Pakistan Memon Educational & Welfare Society, Pakistan Memon Cooperative Housing Society, Memon Cooperative Credit-Society, Indus Educational Foundation, etc.

    He remained president of All Pakistan Memon Federation for 2 years. He laid the foundation of Memon Youth Services an organization of Okhai Memon Community and proved this efficiency and leadership splendidly.

   Properly speaking this project was example of a pilot project (experiment project), which is rendering social and welfare services to the community with the cooperation of generous persons.

   Late USMAN was interested in the publicity of Islam as much as he loved his country. He had always given prime importance to his attachment with the ideals and values of Islam, Progress, Prosperity and welfare of his compatriots. It can he said unequivocally that he was great. His heart was illuminated with affability. Politeness and human kindness. He was a ware of this fact that ideals of good life and good society do not depend on resolutions but on this philosophy that such purposeful conditions must he created where every one can easily have what is due to him. There should be no exploitation of man by man. We should fight against oppression and persecution of the weak by the strong. So that life and society can be made easy and suitable.

   Late USMAN was extremely fund of horse riding. He was counted among best horsemen. He used to go out for riding every morning. On 11th February 1973 he enjoyed riding. That day Managing Director of Muslim commercial Bank Mr. E.A. Grid and well-known Memon doctor Khalid Mitha accompanied him. After few moments of riding Usmans brain artery busted and internal bleeding began. Dr. Mitha brought him to Holy Family Hospital Instantly and normalized his heartbeat and breath but he did not to his senses. God intended something else.

   On 15th February, Thursday morning loving son of Okhai Memon Community and the young man who was capable to achieve his object in future breathed his last! This event saddened the whole community. He was great asset of Memon community.

    May Allah bless his soul!