Hussain Ebrahim Sports Complex

     In 1975 1 acre plot was allotted from KDA for Sports complex due to high population of the tribe. It was undertaken in June 1982.

     And work started on it on 11 March 1983 and completed in 1985. In 1993 the facility of decoration was given .conference room was build in 1997. From 2001-2003 it was being modernazied & VIP Decoration was also given which is provided uptill now.

Hussain Ebrahim Sports Complex Committee 2011-13


Mr. M. Farooq Tahir Muhammad Ganatra

Vice Chairman

Mr. Abdul Ghani Ilyas Jiwani (Chacho)


Mr. Muhammad Ayub Usman Toberia


Mr. Muhammad Yasin Yousuf Markatiya

Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Abdul Aziz Darbar

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Saleh Muhammad Gaba

Mr. Muhammad Asif Muhammad Iqbal Gaba

Mr. Muhammad Khalid Anwar Ghaziani

Mr. Muhammad Siraj Abdul Sattar Toberia

Mr. Ali Asghar Haji Hussain Markatiya

Mr. Asif Abdul Razzak Khosa

Mr. M. Farooq Abdul Latif Aswani

Mr. Zeeshan Muhammad Iqbal Markatiya

Mr. Muhammad Ismail Muhammad Hashim Pasta