As per constitution concern Election committee to be form for the transparent election process. Election committee will always independent and neutral for being this work happily possible.

Election Committee 2011-13


Mr. Muhammad Toufiq Usman Kath

Vice Chairman

Mr. M. Yousuf Haji Muhammad Jakhura


Mr. Abdul Karim Qasim Markatiya

Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Yousuf Gatta


Mr. Abdul Wahid Hashim Suriya

Mr. Jameel Ahmed Dawood Karar

Mr. Faisal Saleh Muhammad Gaba

Mr. Riaz Ahmed Abdul Sattar Jafrani

Mr. M. Javed Abdul Sattar Markatiya

Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Abdul Sattar Gatta

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Haroon Barai

Mr. Abdul Razzak Khosa

Mr. M. Ismail Ayub Suriya