Name of Jamat
  • The name of the Jamat will be "THE OKHAI MEMON JAMAT".
  • The abbreviation of the name would be "OMJ".
  • The official logo of the Jamat will be "SCALE (TARAZOO)".
  • The Head Office of the Jamat will be located at Hussain Ebrahim Sports Complex, Hussainabad, Karachi.
  • The Zonal Offices will be located at following addresses:
  • Memon Society Jamat Khana,Memon Society, Khadda, Karachi.
  • Gulzar E Hijri, Suparco Road, Karachi.
  • Chandni Chowk, Stadium Road, Karachi.
  • The Managing Board is authorized to establish more Zonal Offices if needed.
Financial Year

The Financial Year of the Jamat will commence from 1st of July and will end on 30th June of every year. The election would be held for every two years terms.

Aim and Objects
  • To work for the unity of the community members, to endeavour for economic and social upliftment in the community and also promote Islamic Ideology among the members and protect their civic rights.
  • To achieve above noted aims and objects following steps will be taken:
  • To implements the projects, which the Managing Board deems fit time to time for socio, economic developments of the community.
  • To build Schools, Colleges and Boarding houses to promote education among its members and to provide or arrange educational aid to students, also promote those activities, as suggested by the Managing Board.
  • To take step for social development of the members of the Jamat.
  • To protect civic rights of the members and represent the Jamat in the local government as Managing Board suggest.
  • To promote Islamic principals among the members.
  • If necessary and possible to establish, manage and operate dispensaries, Hospitals, Maternity Homes, Training Institutes for cottage industries, Sanatorium, orphanages, guest houses etc., or to aid in their operation.
  • If need arises to safe guard community business interest and promote commercial education among the community, to publish magazines and newsletters for the promotions of literature in the community.
  • To co-operate with other organizations of the community and to coordinate and support all efforts for unity among the community.
  • Take appropriate measures for prevention of un-employment in the community.
  • To work for eradication of wrong and lavish customs and strive to promote simple and Islamic living in the community.
  • To collect and manage conditional & Un-conditional donations and zakat for use in the welfare purposes, also to establish Baitul Mall if needed and feasible.
  • To strengthen the position of Jamat and increase its revenue make purchases of catering furniture's & immovable properties, also issue these furniture's items and properties on hire.
  • To make arrangements for burials in the community.
  • Apart from above, to take all necessary steps towards betterment of the community, which the Managing Board deems fit, from time to time.
  • The income of the Jamat will not be distributed among its members but will be utilized for the purposes mentioned above.
Rules & Regulations
    • Any male Okhai Memon Whose age is not less then 18 years will be considered as a member of Jamat (His family is also considered as member of Jamat).
    • Any widow not being looked after by any person will also be considered as member of Jamat. However, she will not be charged any membership fees.
    • All member will have to pay annual subscription of Rs. 10/-. This fee is payable in the first quarter of every year.
    • He can participate in every activity of Jamat as per law of Jamat.
    • Every member is eligible to take benefit from the facilities provided by Jamat under its rules & regulations.
    • He will be eligible for help from Jamat.
    • He will abide by the constitution and follow the rules and regulations of Jamat.
    • He will abide all social & other decision of Jamat.
    • He will pay Jamat's annual subscription in time through Khundi Councilor (Representative).

    The Managing Board of Jamat can expell or suspend the membership of any male member under the following conditions:

    • If the member does not pay annual subscriptions.
    • In case of violeting the rules of Jamat or directly or indirectly working against the interest of Jamat.
    • In case of not paying fixed laga (penalty).
    • In case of not abiding/violeting the rule 13-C of the constitution.
    • Any member expelled or suspended due to sub section A & C of section-3 can be reinstated provided he pays the due laga, membership fee plus the fine imposed by Managing Board if any.
    • Any member expelled/suspended due to violation of sub-section B or C of section-3 will have to submit a written apology to the Managing Board through its Hon. General Secretary. The Managing Board is empower to waive the sentence or impose penalty for re-instatement of membership.
    • Membership of suspended member will be considered reinstated after completion of suspension period. The Managing Board & Council will be notified for this.

    Following will be the Administrative set-up of the Jamat:

    • General Body

      All the members of Jamat will constitute the General Body.

    • Council

      The elected President, Patrons, Mnmbers of Managing Board as nominated by the President and nominated members of all Khundies in following order will constitute the Council.

      One member from Khundies with strength of 11 to 40.

      Two members from Khundies with strength 41 to 60.

      Three members from Khundies with strength 61 to 100.

      Four member from Khundies with strength of 101 and above.

    • Managing Board

      Managing Board will consist, elected President, Patrons, 20 members elected by Council in its first meeting and 15 members co-opted by the President. The co-opted member will be taken from following areas in number mentioned against each area.

      Two member from Old city Area (Memon Society, Kharadar, Nawabad, Liaquat Colony, Daryabad).

      Two members from Federal 'B' Area, (Hussainabad, Siddiqabad, Aliabad).

      Two members from Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Chandni Chowk, Housing Society.

      One member from Gulzar-e-Hijri & others.

      The President is empowered to nominate any member from the particular area if a seat of Managing Board falls vacant for any reason from that area.


    The President, after taking the oath, will nominate the other Office Bearers for two years term.

    The Office Bearer of Jamat are as under:

  • President One
  • Vice President One
  • Hon. General Secretary One
  • Joint Secretary One
  • Treasurer One
    • Powers & Duties of President
    • He will be the constitutional head of the Jamat and will advise, suggest and guide in all matters.
    • He will preside over all meetings of Managing Board, Council and General Body and will run these meet¬ings as per constitution of the Jamat. He will take oath from the members of Managing Board.
    • He will preside over all meetings of Managing Board, Council and General Body and will run these meet¬ings as per constitution of the Jamat. He will take oath from the members of Managing Board.
    • In every meeting of the Jamat, the President will disallow any rude or un-constitutional behaviour from any member and in case it necessary could expell such member trom the meeting.
    • He will give directive to Hon. General Secretary to call meetings ot Managing Board, Council and Gen¬eral Body.
    • He will be authorized to call special/emergency meeting on important issues.
    • He will take oath before general body meeting to work with commitment, dedication and determination for the community.
    • In case of tie on any matter in meetings his vote will be considered as casting vote and the decision so taken shall be bindirg on all parties.
    • He will announce the decision on all matters in the meeting after member's votes.
    • He will nominate 15 members for Managing Board as per clause 5-C of the constitution.
    • Under unusual condition the President will be authorized to spend in maximum upto As. 25,000/¬without prior approval of Managing Board, he will however, place the detail of expenditure in the next meeting of Managing Board for approval.
    • In case of emergency, if he thinks that it is not possible to call the meeting of the Managing Board then he is authorised to call circular meeting and announce the result of that meeting on the Majority vote. The decision made through circular meeting will be binding on every member. The proceeding of circular meeting will be placed in the next regular meeting of the Managing Board tor information.
    • At the beginning of his two years term he will be authorised to nominate the one Vice President, on Hon. General Secretary, One Joint Secretary and one Treasurer from members of Managing Board. He will also be authorized to fill any position of office Beare_ falls vacant during his tenure.
    • He will head of all the delegations of Jamat and will be authorized to issue press release on behalf of the Jamat.
    • Power & Duties of Vice President
    • He will act as President in the absence of the President and will enjoy all the powers delegated to the President.
    • He will assist the President in normal circumstances.
    • Powers & Duties of Hon. General Secretary
    • He will work as Administrative Head of Jamat and will act as per directives & guidelines of Managing Board.
    • He will lookafter the day to day matters of Jamat.
    • He will act as Ex-Officio member in all the committees of Jamat.
    • He will issue agenda on the directive of President and prepare the minutes of the meetings.
    • He will collect informations from all committees, will issue directives to them, will have all the powers pertainin_ to the working of the committees.
    • He will sign on behalf of Jamat on all correspondence, vouchers, promissory notes, rent receipts & documents as Hon. General Secretary of Jamat.
    • To run the day to day affairs of the Jamat, he is authorised to appoint staff on the approved terms and can terminate the un-wanted employees.
    • He is authorized to spend up to Rs. 15,0001- without prior approval of Managing Board, the expenses will however be placed for approval in next meeting of the Managing Board.
    • Will be authorized to keep a cash balance upto Rs. 5,0001-.
    • Will be authorized to collect rent of immovable properties and other income of Jamat or nominate any other person for this purpose. Accept funds, donations will issue appeals in this regard and will work towards the promotion of Jamat's cause.
    • Will call meeting of Managing Board, Council and General Body on directive of President or upon receiving the requisition from members.
    • Will present the receipt and payment Accounts and balance sheet in the meeting of Managing Board, as prepared by Treasurer alongwith his annual report.
    • Will call at least one meeting of Managing Board every month & one meeting of Council every quar¬ter on directive of the President.
    • Powers & Duties of Joint Secretary
    • In absence of Hon. General Secretary, he will act as Hon. General Secretary and will be authorized to use all the powers of Hon. General Secretary.
    • Will assist the Hon. General Secretary in normal circumstance.
    • Powers & Duties of Treasurer
    • Will prepare the accounts of the Jamat as per directives of President & Hon. General Secretary.
    • Will present monthly account to Managing Board and will prepare annual accounts at the end of every year.
    • Will operate one or more accounts in one or more banks or closed the accounts as per directive of the Managing Board.

    Managing Board in its first meeting will nominate one or more honorary or paid registered auditors to check the accounts of Jamat

    • Jamat's funds will be kept in one or more banks in one or more accounts as decided by the Managing Board.
    • Jamat's Bank Accounts will be operated by any 2 signatures out of following 4 authorized office Bearer:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Hon. General Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Will appoint in its first meeting one honorary or paid registered auditor for two years term.
    • Every 2 years, in the first meeting of the Managing Board, President will administer oath from all the members to work with dedication, devotion, determination and impartiality for the betterment of the community.
    • Will notify to all the khundies through Hon. General Secretary after completion of 2 years term for nomination of new Councilors, old councilors will continue to represent their Khundies in case of non receipt of new names, these name will only b4_ changed in case of death of Councilors. The member of Managing Board elected from Council will loose his Managing Board seat if he is not re-nominated from his Khundi.
    • Will look after account of Jamat.
    • At least one meeting of Managing Board will be held every month.
    • To run the work of Jamat smoothly, following committees will be constituted for 2 years term. The chairman of these committees will be elected from members of the Board.
    • Zonal Committee's
    • Store Management committee
    • Samadhan Committee (Reconciliation)
    • Social Welfare Committee
    • Education Committee
    • Lawazim Committee (Subscription)
    • Publication Committee
    • Internal Audit Committee
    • Census Committee
    • Graveyard Management Committee
    • Bus Committee
    • Hajj Committee
    • Okhai Memon Masjid Committee
    • Madressah Taleem-ul-Quran Committee
    • Construction Committee
    • Election Committee
    • Sports Committee
    • Constitution Committee
    • Managing Board is authorize to constitute more committees or to discontinue any committees.
    • Managing Board will authorized any member, committee or office Bearer for creation or discontinue of conditional or un-conditional fund or trust in the interest of Jamat.
    • Managing Board is authorized to fill any vacancy of chairman due to resignation or by any other reason.
    • Can expel member of Managing Board who is absent in three consecutive meetings of the Board.
    • Will make arrangement to prepare annual account within three months after the end of the financial year and will present it to the Council for subse¬quent approval of Annual General body and will also fix the date of election after end of two years term.
    • Will authorized to purchase, sale, to take or let-out on rent and repair any immovable property on be¬half of Jamat, will also be authorize to purchase, sale, to transfer the immovable property, ordinary or preference shares, Debentures, Promissory Notes, furniture and other property on behalf of Jamat. However, it will have to take prior approval from Council for new construction.
    • To increase revenue of Jamat, the Managing Board is authorised to buy, letout on rent or sale items/ equipment.
    • Will arrange burial of Jamat member on reasonable charges, will also be authorize to start or discontinue any social welfare activity.
    • Will be authorize to take action against social evils and prepare rules in this regard will also be authorize to take punitive action against those who dis¬obey the rules.
    • Will prepare new law apart from rules given in the constitution for settlement of family disputs and also authorize to take necessary disciplinary action against the dis-obeyer.
    • Will keep all the record of deaths, births, engagements and marriages and settle the matters of issuance of marriage and engagement receipts and fix its charges. Will also be authorized to prepare rules for all social events, will decide the amount of laga and will take punitive action against the mem¬bers not following these rules.
    • Will decide the date for Annual General Body & Elec¬tion to be held within 3 months after the end of 2 years term, will continue to perform its duties until the new elections are held.
    • Will be authorized to take decision on applications against the rulings of Samadhan Committee.
    • Will take appropriate action on the recommenda¬tion and reports of all sub committees.
    • Will represent the Jamat in the Courts through its Secretary or any other member, will assign any member on its behalf for any purpose.
    • Can form delegation and approve or bear its expenses.
    • Will place all the seats of Managing Board vacant in case of resignation or any other reason in the meeting of Council for re-election. This will not apply on the members co-opted from designated areas.
    • Will coopertate and nominate any member to represent the Jamat in any Central Organization of Memon Community or any other religious or social welfare organization.
    • Any member of the Managing Board will not be entitled to attend the meetings or board in which such matters of his or his family members (i.e. Son, daughter, brother or sister) is on agenda. He will not be allowed to attend meetings even as a observer.
    • Managing Board is authorized to use powers not mentioned here except delegated to the Council and General body.
    • Can place the rules and regulation before General Body for final approval after the approval of Council.
    • Will place the resolution received from members before General body provided found feasible.
    • Will take appropriate action and given its decision on the matters as presented by the Managing Boards.
    • Will take decision on the appeals received against the ruling of Managing Board.
    • Will elect members for Managing Board from the members presented in the Council meeting except the seats fallen vacant from designated areas.
    • Will approve or change the annual reports and account as presented by Managing Board and will recommend for the annual General Body meeting of Jamat, will also give its views on the administrative metters presented by the Managing Board.
    • Will elect 20 members for Managing Board from Councilors present in the flrst Council meeting after election of President.
    • Will intimate the Khundi Secretary through the Hon. General Secretary regarding the absence of its representathle in the three consecutive Council meeting with a request to advise their representative to attend the meetings of Councilor send another representative in his replacement.
    • Will direct the Managing Board to present the constitutional amendments, with changed or present as it is before the General Body meeting as submitted by the Managing Board.
    • At least one Council meeting will be held in three months.
    • Any member of the Council will not be entitled to attend the meeting of Council in which matters of himself or his family members is on agenda (i.e. son, daughter, brother or sister) such member will not be allowed to attend such meetings even as a observer.
    • Will approve the constitutional amendments with change or as it is, presented by the Council & Managing Board.
    • Will take decision after consideration on the matter as presented by the Councilor Managing Board.
    • Will fill the vacant position of President in case of resignation or any other reasons.
    • At the end of any financial year of Jamat, annual General Body meeting will be held as decided by the Managing Board with following agenda:
  • To approve Annual Report and Accounts as presented by Managing Board through Council.
  • If at the end of that year the President completed his two years term then matter of election of new President for next term.
  • To take decision on written resolution of members presented through Council.
  • To appoint Auditor for new term.
    • All the committees will work under Sub-clause-F of Clause 9 of the constitution.
    • Every committee will consist of minimum five mem¬bers apart from its Chairman & Ex-officio.
    • Any member will cease to be a member if he absent for three consecutive meetings of the committee.
    • Quorum for all committees will be one third of its total strength.
    • Every committee will hold at least one meeting every month.
    • Every committee will keep complete record of its movable & immovable Properties and will not sell or let-out on rent without prior approval of the Managing Board and also not consider any financial matter.
    • Will not constitute any fund without prior approval of Managing Board and also will not receive any donation and will not allowed to borrow loans.
    • Every committee shall present its report of every meeting to the Managing Board.
    • Committee Chairman is authorize to nominate members for his committee.
    • Committee Chairman is authorized to accept resignation of its committee members.
    • The chairman can issue circular for general members regarding the working of his committee only after prior approval of Managing Board.
    • All the committees will decide all important matters after approval of Managing Board.

    Following will be the powers & working of different Committees:

    • Zonal Committees
      • Will work as representative! Of Head office in related zone and provide all facilities as provided to its members, who reside near the Head office which are:
      • To issue receipt for Engagement & Marriages.
      • To issue receipts for burial of dead bodies.
      • To booking of buses and any other matter with the coordination of Head Office.
      • Will manage all movable & immovable property of Jamat in that zone and collect rent as decided by the Managing Board, plus purchase required articles or dispose off un-necessary items with prior approval of Managing Board.
      • Will arrange for funeral of male and female persons and will fix the charges of their services as approved by the Managing Board.
      • Will arrange all the material required for burial of dead bodies in respective zone.
    • Store Management Committee
      • Will manage all movable & immovable properties which are under the jurisdiction of this committee and collect all Charges & rent fixed by Managing Board, will also purchase necessary items and sale un-necessary items with the prior approval of Managing Board.
      • Will arrange for funeral of male and female persons at Head Office area and will fix the charges of their services as approved by the Managing Board.
      • Will arrange all the material required for burial around Head office area.
    • Samadhan Committee
      • Formation of the Forum & its duties
      • For solution of family & social dispute, a forum will be constituted with one person/nominee from each Khundi as its members.
      • Forum will decide all the matter in accordance with the rules of Jamat.
      • Every applicant will be entitled to select two members from the Forum as his/her representative and decision of these members will be binding on all the parties, failing which they will be liable to punitive action as per rules of Jamat.
      • Will notify the Managing Board regarding all the decision and report for any complicated issues.
      • Will maintain all the records and keep minutes of all the meetings.
      • Will try for speedy solution of all the disputes.
      • Every applicant applying for solution of his/her dispute will have to follow these rules:
      • Every applicant will have to submit their applica¬tions narrating the problems in duplicate along with duly signed authorization letter.
      • On receipt of above papers the Chairman Samadhan Committee will inform the other party to state his point of view before the committee and also ask him to sign the jamat authorization letter.
      • Upon receipt of authorization letter from both parties, the Samadhan Committee will start the hearing of the matter and will direct the parties to produce the witneees and evidence if felt necessary.
      • In terms of Clause 5-B, if the second party do not respond within a week and also non compliance to signing the authorization letter or refusal of attending the meeting the Samadhan Committee will take necessary action under Section 5-G of this rule as well as notify the first party regarding non compliance of second party.
      • Any applicant not satisfied with the decision of Committee will have to appeal against ruling to Managing Board within ten days along with his/her views, the Managing Board will decide the case after through sorting of all the evidence/details.
      • Any applicant not satisfied with the decision of Managing Board will appeal to Council within ten days along with important issues. The appeal will be presented to the meeting of Council within one month. The decision of Council will be final & bind¬ing and will be enforced/applicable.
      • Those who will not abide by the above decision will not be entitled to any facility provided by Jamat to its all members, also not allowed to engage with in the community further more he may be fined and may be suspended or terminated under sub clause Band D of clause 3 of the constitution. After approval of Managing Board will be informed general members by circular.
      • Any member of the Committee will not be entitled to attend the meetings of Committee in which matters relating to himself or his family members is placed i.e. son, daughter, brother or sister). He will not be allowed to attend even as a observer.
      • Letter of consent at the time of Engagement & Marriage:

        At the time of issuance of engagement or marriage receipts, all the parties will have to sign the letter of consent stating to go to the Samadhan Committee through the Hon. General Secretary of Jamat in case of any dispute before taking any step in this matter, failing which the Managing Board is authorized to apply/enforce sub clause B & D of clause 3 of the constitution and can take disciplinary action in terms of clause 19-A.

    • Social Welfare Committee
      • This committee will look after the shelter less, orphan, widows, disabled and un-employee people of the community.
      • Will manage dispensaries & Maternity Home on behalf of Jamal.
      • Will manage Orphan House, Cottage Industries for widows, arrange for education, provide technical training and employment for disabled people.
      • Will help to affected people in case of natural calamity, and also work to eradicate epidemics and provide medical and other necessary help to them.
      • Will keep an eye on the prevailing tradition in the community and will suggest to abolish the useless & lavish traditions.
      • Will form a volunteer corps of youth of the community with the prior approval of the Managing Board. Will get approval of Managing Board from time to time for swifly implementation of the above rules.
    • Education Committee
      • Will work towards the promotion of education in community.
      • Will endeavour towards successful implemention of the plan for promotion of education.
      • Will get approval from Managing Board to establish girls guide, sports training, scounting courses, musical group and volunteer corps etc.
      • Will recommend to the Managing board to arrange for monetary help to needy students.
      • Will manage and arrange basic requirements for school buildings with the approval of the Managing Board strive for the promotior of adult education and manage boarding houses.
      • Will arrange sewing and knitting classes, cooking baking classes and other technical courses for girls student with the permission of the Managing Board.
      • Will establish and manage nurseries kindergarten Schools.
    • Lawazim Committee (Subscription)
      • Will maintain the record of members of Jamat.
      • Will try to collect annual subscription from the members within prescribed time.
      • Will issue a letter to Khundies for providing new Councilors name and list of their members at the end of 2 years term.
      • Will ensure receipt of annual fee at least 15 days prior to election and will prepare and provide a list of members at least one week before the election, powers to casting vote will be allowed to those members, whose name are included in this list only.
      • Will issue membership card, Councilor's card and the card for the members of the Managing Board.
    • Publication Committee
      • Will promote the activities of the Okhai Memon Jamat in other communities with good manner.
      • Will make possible the publication of quarterly maga¬zine to inform the community about the progress and activities of the Jamat.
      • Will publish matters for promotion of education & extra curricular activities among the Young generation of the Community.
      • Will publish annual report and audited accounts for presentation to the General Body with the coordination of Treasurer and Hon. General Secretary.
      • Will work towards promotion of writing skills in the community.
    • Internal Audit Committee
      • Will conduct detailed audit of accounts prepared by the Treasurer will check all receipts, bills, vouchers and given its recommendation for improvement in the accounting systems.
      • Will present its recommendation to the Managing Board for avoiding mistakes and betterment for accounting systems.
      • Will make arrangement with the Treasurer for con¬duction external auditing of Jamat account.
    • Census Committee
      • Will arrange Census of the community and computerize the different information after census to complete record.
      • Will make necessary arrangement to update the data collected for births, deaths, education, change of address and other related information.
      • Will issue circulars time to time with the permission of the Managing Board regarding collecting information from members for any changes.
    • Graveyard Committee
      • Will look after all the matters concerning graveyard.
      • To arrange for burial of the dead bodies with the coordination of Zonal & Store Managing Committees.
      • To arrange burial of unclaimed dead bodies.
      • To arrange and provide all the material required for burial with coordination of Zonal & Store Manage¬ment Committees.
    • Bus Committee
      • Will look after all matters regarding Buses of the Jamat.
      • Will arrange to sale off old buses, its repairs, purchases of new or recondition buses with the permission of the Managing Board.
      • Will present before Managing Board for its approval the buses fare, time-table and change of the buses routes etc.
    • Hajj Committee
      • Will provide full assistance to all the Hujjaj from submission of application till their departure.
      • Will provide all necessary facilities to Hujjaj with the prior approval of the Managing Board.
    • Okhai Memon Masjid Committee
      • Will be lookafter the work relating to Masjid.
      • Will arrange for Eid Prayer.
      • Will be authorized to nominate any person as member for this committee with the consent of the Hon. General Secretary and the President.
      • Will decide all important financial and administrative matter with the prior approval of the Managing board except Masjid's daily routine work.
    • Madressah Talim-ul-Quran Committee
      • Will look after all work relating to Madressah Talim-ul-Quran.
      • Will plan to establish more Madressah with the approval of the Managing Board.
      • Will help for promotion of Quranic Education and Hifzul Quran with the approval of the Managing Board.
    • Construction Committee
      • Will be authorized to renovate and repairs the properties of Jamat with the approval of Managing Board and for new construction it will handle with the prior permission from the Managing Board and Council.
      • Will arrange to provide plots to poor and middle class families in different areas at cost or will suggest to Managing Board to raise construction on these plots and provide to them along with all necessary facilities.
    • Election Committee
      • With its formation, (in the first meeting of the newly formed Managing Board) the Committee will provide following services during its 2 years terms.
      • Will fill the vacant seat of the President by election in General Body, if the seat fall vacant due to resig¬nation of the president, completion of his tenure or any other reason. The Chairman Election Commit¬tee will form elected President for next term or re¬maining period in the meeting of General Body.
      • Will arrange election of 20 seats for Managing Board in the Council's meeting after election of the President.
      • Will frame rules & regulation for the above election and place before the Managing Board for approval.
    • Sports Committee
      • To promote the different games amongst the youth of community, will establish health centre for exercise with the prior approval of Managing Board.
      • Will organize tournaments to promote different games in community.
      • Will help to register best player of the community in various departmental team of our country.
    • Constitution Committee
      • Will consider the suggestion received for amendments in constitution from general members, of Council and Managing Board and will place before Managing Board, Council & General Body's meeting for approval.
      • Will inform to Managing Board about any un-constitutional Matter.
    • All the Decision in the meeting of Managing Board, Council, General Body or Committees will be taken on the basis of Majority.
    • In the event of President or Vice President is absence till half hour from the stipulated meeting time, then any elder from amongst the present member of meeting will preside-over/chair the meeting of Managing Board, Council and General Body.
    • Chairman of meeting will have the authority to remove/expell any member/members from the proceeding of the meeting, if anyone disobey and disturb the decorum of the meeting.
    • The minutes of all meeting will be approved in the next meeting and will be sign by the Chairman of meeting and Secretary.
    • The agenda of the meetings of Council, Managing Board and Committees will be issued before three days from the date of meetings.
    • The agenda for General Body meeting will issue at least eight days before the meeting through new papers and hand bill.
    • Resolutions, which are required to present in Annual General Body meeting may be sent in writing at least 15 days before the date of meetings. The Managing Board will present only those resolution which are approved by the Board.
    • Any resolution adopted by General Body, Manag¬ing Board or Council will not be repealed before three month. After the expiry of the stipulated term, the Managing board, Councilor General Body could cancel/reject any resolution with 2/3 majority vote of the members present in those meetings.
    • When the situation arises that any resolution adopted by Managing Board, Councilor Annual General Body will create mis-understanding, the such resolution could be presented before its expiry of the fixed period, however for this proposal president & General Secretary could present it before the respective body and repeal the resolution with 2/3 Majority of members present in the meeting.
  • Quorum
    • The quorum for General Body is 75 members in¬cluding the President.
    • The quorum for Managing Board & Council will 1/3 of its members.
    • The quorum for all committees shall be 1/3 of its members.
    • If the quorum is not complete even after the half an hour of fixed time of the meeting, then such meeting will be considered as adjourned. The adjourned meeting could be summoned within seven days to discuss the same agenda and there will be no condition of Quorum.
    • The President could summon the special meeting of Managing Board & Council is case of emergency with only 24 hours notice.
    • Agenda for the meeting summoned for the purpose of section 18 or 20 will be circulated before 3 days from the date of meeting.
    • Agenda for General Body will be circulated at least 4 days before the date of meeting through news paper.
    • To call the meeting of Managing Board written req¬ uisition signed by 20 members of Managing Board must reach president or Hon. General Secretary. On receipt of such requisition the meeting will be called within two week time. Quorum of such meeting will be 1/3 of the members.
    • To call the council meeting written requisition signed by 40 members of Council giving reasons for calling of meeting must be submitted to President or Hon. General Secretary. On receipt of such requisition they will all the meeting within one month from the receipt of requisition. Quorum for such meeting will be 1/3 of its members.
    • To call General body meeting, written requisition signed by 60 member stating the reasons for the meeting must be submitted before President or Hon. General Secretary. On receipt of such requisition, meeting could be called within two months, the quorum for such meeting will be 75 members.
    • All meetings called through requisition will discussed the matter for which it is requisitioned. No other matter will be discussed in such meetings.
    • If the quorum of the requisition meeting is not com¬pletes upto half hour for the time of the meeting, then the requisitioned meeting will be cancelled and the requisition so received will be treats as cancelled, in case of the requisition meeting is held and if the requisition is not passed than the same will be treated as cancelled. Next meeting for the same purpose could not be called upto three months for the Managing Board and six months for Council & general Body.
    • Managing Board will take disciplinary action and expel or suspend for any period to any member found directly or indirectly damaging the image of the Jamat and working against the interest of Jamat, their such member will be given full opportunity to defend himself and if found quilty will be suspended or terminate from the membership with 2/3 majority vote.
    • Appeal against the decision of Managing Board as per section 19-A could be submitted within 15 days to Council. The Decision of Council shall be final.
    • Motion against all or anyone office bearer/s or any member of Managing Board could be presented in the General Body with the signature of 200 members.
    • Will call General Body meeting within a month upon receipt of no confidence application at the office of Jamat. The quorum of this meeting will be 500 members.
    • Motion could be termed approved, if two third majority of attending members give vote in favour of the application, if the said application is reject by the meeting then upto six months no more application for same purpose would be entertained.
    • Meeting will be canceled and application would be termed rejected if the quorum is not completed after one hour of fix time of the meeting of no-confidence and after that upto six month no application for such matter would be entertained.
    • Eligibility & Age of the President
      • Minimum age for the president's shall be 35 years.
      • He should not have been convicted in any Panel Code of Country.
      • Not entitle to continue as President after two con¬secutive terms.
    • Eligibility & Age of Member Managing Board
      • For the election or nomination as member Managing Board age shall be 25 years.
      • He should not have been convicted in any Panel code of country.
    • All Ex-Presidents of the Jamat will be Patrons of Jamat.
    • Patrons could attend the meeting of the Council and Managing Board and could put forward their suggestion.
    • Patron will take responsibility of any committee as Chairman in case if their services are required.
    • Resignation given by the President during the con¬tinuing of his term will be termed as accepted immediately.
    • In case of death of the President, the seat would be termed vacant.

    In the event of above situation, the following steps shall be taken:

    AB-1 - The Managing Board shall be automatically dissolved if the remaining period is six months or more, but Vice president, Hon. General Secretary, Treasurer and Committees shall continue to perform their duties and charge shall be handed-over to new President by the above Office Bearer after holding the election with the coordination of Election Committee within 45 days.

    AB-2 - The Vice President take over as Acting President for the remaining period if the remaining period is less than six months and Managing board also perform their services.


    I, the undersigned solemnly affirm that I will abide by the rules and regulation of the Jamat, which are mentioned in the constitution and will work for the welfare and upliftment of the community and also perform my duties with impartially and naturally in all matters.


    The official language of the Jamat shall be Gujrati and the same would be treated and authentic for all meaning, clarification, interpretation, if required for any matter. However, the English translation of this Constitution will be forwarded to Registrar of Societies for their record.


I, the undersigned__________________________________ hereby given undertaking to the Honourable Okhai Memon Jamat that my family matter have been presented before the Okhai Memon Jamat for solution, in which the decision of the Samadhan Committee of the Okhai Memon Jamat (in case of appeal Managing Board or Council) will be acceptable to me unconditionaly and also assure that the same matter has not been submitted in the Court.

I, hereby farther authorize the following two persons as my representative, who are nominated for and clarification or investigation for any purpose of this family matter by the Samadhan Committee (or Managing Board or Council), I also undertake that if both or any representative could note present themselves for any necessary clarification or do not attend the meetings, in such case Jamat is authorize to decide the matter on the information received from other party, I will have not take any objection and the decision so taken will be acceptable.


Name______________________ Signature ___________________

(Signature of the parents required in case of minor boys for girls).


I,_____________________________as a father/guardian would like inform to the Honourable Okahi Memon Jamat that my son/ daughter/dependent's whose name is , his/her engagement/marriage is scheduled to be held on ____________________with____________________son/daughter of _____________________.

I, as father/guardian hereby assure to the honourable Okhai Memon Jamat that in case of any dispute, shall be inform to the Samadhan Committee through Hon. General Secretary of the jamat without lost of any time.

In the case if fail inform in time, the Jamat will justified to apply the Sub-Clause B & D of Clause 3 of the constitution of the Jamat and take disciplinary action in terms of clause 19-A of the constitution.

Name___________________ Signature____________________

N.I.C. No._________________





Note: Out of two witnesses, one must be the Councilor of the concerned Khundi.