Constitution Committee is in working about Jamat commandment & regulation Structure. The committee gets suggestions from community members for betterment of constituting terms in concern of better constitution as required. Committee takes the suggestions to managing board for implementation in constitution.

Constitution Committee 2011-13


Mr. Riaz Ahmed Jafrani

Vice Chairman

Mr. Saleem Altaf Ismail Markatiya


Mr. Abdul Razzak Haji Ahmed Lakha


Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Ismail Markatiya

Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Abdul Sattar Gatta

Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Dawood Mamdani

Mr. Abdul Rasheed Haji Abdul Sattar Karar

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Saleh Muhammad Gaba

Mr. Altaf Ahmed Abdul Ghani Vayani

Mr. Abdul Wahid Hashim Suriya

Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Noor Muhammad Markatiya