Abdul Latif Ibrahim Jamal

      Mr. Latif Ibarhim Jamal is counted among few great personages of Memon community. He holds a high and prominent position in trade and industry sectors on national and international level. He remains in the forefront of public service religious affairs and social activities be they welfare activities or activities pertaining to literature students problems or social services, medical treatment or commercial and financial affairs. He cooperates and bears a hand with every person and organization being indiscriminate.

     He has donated a large sum of Rs.50 Lacs to Karachi university on behalf of Hussain Ibarhim Foundation besides establishment and patronage of educational institution example of donating such a large sum to any educational institution by a private organization is found nowhere in whole Asia. By donating such a large amount he has won fame for Memon and Gujarati Community. His name is on the top of the list of most generous and philanthropists of the community even today.

     He had strained every nerve in uniting and stabilization Memon community during his two years president ship of All Pakistan Memon Federation and rendered remarkable services. His sincere efforts for bringing the community on one platform are undoubtedly praiseworthy. Besides he had arranged to celebrate on country level the hundredth birth anniversary of Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood to make public acquainted with his social welfare educational and national services during his president ship of Federation. Newspapers and magazines had published special supplements and special programmes were relayed on radio and Television which is a worth remembering example.

     He was born on 25 December 1925 in Dwarka at the house of Haji Ibrahim Jamal. He had received education in Dwarka N.D.H. High School. He is fully conversant with English, Gujarati, Urdu, French, German and Japanese languages and can speak fluently. He evinces special interest and takes prominent part in social and welfare activities of Memon community being on high posts in commercial fields and lends a hand to community in every possible way.

    He has remained member of Managing Board of Memon Educational and welfare society from 1941 to 1951. He had shown high efficiency in Relief Committee in Calcutta and Karachi. He was president of Young Memon Anjuman in 1952, 1953, and 1954. He remained president of All Memon Dehatting Society in 1953-54. Besides he has remained president of All Pakistan Memon Federation and president of Okhai Memon Anjuman for 15 years. Besides Managing Director of Hussain Industries Limited he is director of Hussain Sugar Mills, Pakistan Exhibition Corporation Ltd. Industrial Trunk State Ltd. Pakistan House International Ltd. Mehran Sugar Mills etc.

    He has rendered remarkable and prominent services occupying different posts in various social welfare commercial and official organizations and is rendering till now.

Vice Chairman: Buyers & Shippers Chambers 1953

Member: Karachi Municipal Corporation 1953

Member: Standing Committee KMC 1954

Member: Trade delegation Russia, Czechoslovakia, 1957 Poland, and Yugoslavia

Vice President: Chamber of Commerce & Industry 1961-62

Member: Pakistan Delegation 17th Session F.C.A.F.E. 1961

Member: Trade Delegation Burma 1961 New Delhi

Member: Managing Committee Chamber of 1961,1962,1963,1964 Commerce & Industry

Vice Chairman: All Pakistan Textile Mills Association 1963

Vice President and Chairman Karachi zone Federation of Pakistan 1962,1963,1964 Chairman of commerce & industry

Member: Central Effort Committee & O.M. Wing 1963-64

Member: Pakistan Central Cotton Committee 1963-64

Member: Gas price commission

Member: Income tax advisory committee 1963-64

Member: Advisor Central Planning Board 1964

Chairman Tariff & General Squatting Committee chamber of 1964 Commerce & industry

Leader Pakistan Delegations AFRASEC Council Cairo 1964

Deputy Leader: Trade Delegations Yugoslavia 1964

Member: AFRASEL Delegations uno world Conference Jeneva 1964

Chairman Textile Committee Export promotion Bureau leader 1965 A.C.D. Delegations Cairo

Trade Delegations Australia, Czechoslovakia, Hungry, Rumania, 1965 Bulgaria

President: Federation of Pakistan chambers of 1964-65 Commerce & Industry

Vice President: R.C.D. Chambers of Commerce & Industry 1965,1966,1967

   Over and above he went to Iran as vice president to represent Pakistan in R.C.D and was awarded with medal Nishan-e-Humayun In 1967 by the King of Iran in recognition of his remarkable services. President of Pakistan had awarded him with

   Sitarah-e-Quaid-e-Azam for his best services.

   He was elected President of R.C.D. Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

Vice Chairman: Pakistan Council of international chamber 1968-80 of commerce

Leader: Pakistan Delegation R.C.D chamber council 1968 Meeting Islamabad

Member: Pakistan Delegation R.C.D Trade Committee 1968 Tehran

Leader: Pakistan Trade Delegations Haly 1969

Member: Pakistan Delegation R.C.D Joint purpose 1968 Industries Committee Tehran

President: R.C.D chamber of commerce & industry

Karachi stock exchange APMF Pakistan Gujarati Association

Leader: Pakistan Trade Delegation Switzerland 1970

Vice Chairman: Hussain Ibrahim Jamal Research institute of Chemistry (Trust Karachi University)

   In 1965 President Ayub Khan had formed a sub-committee of cabinet in connection with airline in which finance minister Late Shoaib Minister of Industries Mr. Ghulam Farooq and Mr. Latif Ibrahim Jamal were included.

   He wants to trenches in Chamb and Judian Sector during war of 1965. He is single Memon personality who had delivered speeches by him in that sector during the war. He signed pacts on official and private level, which is a singular example in Pakistan. He signed pacts on behalf of Pakistan with Hungary and Bangladesh and was given warm welcome as state guest.

   In 1983 he attended Colombo Rotary International as speaker of Pakistan. Among other speakers were ministers of India and Bangladesh. He was awarded the award of Rotary International.

   He had donated Rs.50 Lacs to Karachi University on behalf of Hussain Ibrahim Foundation founded in memory of his deceased brother. Vice chancellor of Karachi University in those days Late Mr. Mahmood Hussain had said that such large amount in educational sector was donated first time in Asia.

   To establish Hussain Ibrahim chemical institute Department in Karachi University its foundation stone was laid by the then Chief Minister Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi.

   Over and above he awarded Gujarati belles. Letters prizes up to 1978-80. But afterwards this arrangement was closed due to some in evitable causes.

   He is of this opine that to establish unity and singleness of purpose of Memon community party spirit should he discouraged and false customs and ways of life he avoided. Instead of Jamat named after different cities of Kathiawad area wise Jamat should be established. As unity of Memon community is vital necessity and is of prime importance. All Pakistan Memon Federation can execute this service duty and responsibility with great excellence and nicely in a good better way.

   He thinks that Memon community should take active part in politics to serve their country nation and community in a by far the best manner. Memon community should strain its every nerve to learn Gujarati language because it is the language of our ancestors and Memon community has centuries over strong ties with this language and will ever remain?